Tweets of the Week 7.18.14

Our weekly Tweet round up:




New England is Gassy

US Post Office Retirement Accounts

Cooperman on the Modern Fund Manager


Crazy Data point of the week: Solar vs Automobile


Rising Seas Look



Airlines Were Avoiding Ukraine Airspace

Thank you for not smoking

Pay for Armed Forces Medical Care

Obama Cures Cancer

Book LOL

That’s one way to look at it


Random Items

Milky Way

Modern Tanlines

No PhotoShop involved

Beats my best

God’s View of Religion’s Subjectivity

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10 Weekend Reads

Pour a tall cup of joe, settle in to your favorite easy chair, and enjoy our longer-form reads to begin your Saturday: • How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq (Businessweek) • Visualizing Algorithms (Mike Bostock) • The voodoo of lobster economics: Cheap at sea, pricey on the plate (Globe and Mail) • The secretive billionaire who…Read More

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Kiron Sarkar’s Weekly Report 19.7.14

China’s GDP rose by a better than expected +7.5% in Q2 Y/Y and was welcomed by markets. The improvement reflects the stimulus programme undertaken by the government and the sharp rise in lending, once again, as a result of government policy. The government’s actions suggests that they will continue with their stimulus programme/increased lending if…Read More

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Should the Fed Do Emergency Lending?

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Jon Stewart

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Source: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events July 18 2014

Succinct Summations week ending July 18th Positives: 1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new all-time high. 2. NAHB home builder sentiment rose to 53 vs  the 50 expected. 3. Jobless claims hit a nine-week low, down to 302k. 4. NY manufacturing survey rose to 25.6, the highest level since ’10. 5. Jobless claims…Read More

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Home Builders Cant Find Workers? Try a Pay Raise!

Source: Morning Market Tidbits, BofA Merrill Lynch   Wage growth for construction workers is historically low; Let’s see if we can figure out why: First, home production has been relatively slow, which should be expected following a long period of overbuilding. That was the excuse from 2007 to 2010. Eight years after home building volume…Read More

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The Danger of Daft Deals

As an update to yesterday’s critique, this video shows how takeovers and M&A often follow market prices. Collectively, they could show increased risk appetite, and perhaps signal an eventual top (wish the chart went further back than 1995).

FT: Mergers and acquisitions are booming. James Mackintosh, investment editor, analyses whether we’ve reached the stage where deals become truly daft, or whether there’s room for companies to gear up still further.

Jul 17, 2014

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10 AM Friday Reads

My morning train reads (Continues here): • Cherry Picking Gold Data (Irrelevant Investor) • To Tilt or Not to Tilt (Rick Ferri) • How Geopolitical Threats Affect the Stock Market (Reformed Broker) • Latest DALBAR report underscores poor long-term performance of individual investors (The Mathematical Investor) Continues here        

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Data Visualization: What Does a NYC Taxi’s Day Look Like?

This is an absolutely fascinating — hypnotic even — depiction of what the daily metrics of a New York City Taxi looks like, overlaid on top of a map. You can track passengers, distance traveled, revenue, even tips. Bravo! I wish we could make the data from our business (Financial planning/asset management) look this compelling!…Read More

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