% of S&P500 Sales by Nation

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

After yesterday’s reversal, it looks as if this has not finished running its course. My morning train reads: • Market pullbacks: We Could Really Use the Rain (L.K. Benson & Company) see also A 0.5% Day (Irrelevant Investor) • How Silver Wrecked China (BV) • The Stock Market Plunge Is Great News for Walmart (Slate) • The Upside of a…Read More

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Try Again?

Here is your next attempt at a bounce. As noted yesterday, “its always tough to draw any conclusions from futures” and yesterdays 600 point rollover was ugly. Stay tuned . . .    click for updated futures

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Euro Area Banks Remain Vulnerable

Euro Area Banks Remain Vulnerable ASHOKA MODY AND GUNTRAM B. WOLFF Breugel, August 21, 2015   Strengthening the banking system is important to achieve a sustainable recovery, because it will revitalise credit to the healthier segments of the economy. However without restructuring, euro area banks are still vulnerable. The euro area’s biggest banks have reported record profits. The stress…Read More

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July was the hottest month in Earth’s hottest year on record so far

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Masters in Business: Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com

This week we have a special statistical election edition of Masters in Business radio podcast, speaking with Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com. Silver received his Bachelors in Economics in 2000 from University of Chicago, and is the author of The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail–but Some Don’t. Silver first came to the public attention’s with his shockingly accurate forecasts of political elections,…Read More

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VVIX, and Something in China?

I found this chart, via Torsten Sløk of Deutsche Bank Securities. It is a quite fascinating look at the VVIX index. If you are unfamiliar with the VVIX, it is a measure of the volatility of the VIX, itself a volatility measure of the equity market. More precisely, it represents the expected volatility of the 30-day forward…Read More

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Minimum Wage Karma in Seattle

@TBPInvictus here. [File under: Petard, hoist on one's own] Earlier this month, AEI “scholar” Mark Perry was spotted using a dubious metric regarding minimum wage. Given the point his ideology was trying (apparently desperately) to prove, Perry proclaimed Seattle’s newly-hiked minimum wage a failure:   As evidence to support his claim, Perry showed the following chart:…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My two-fer-Tuesday morning train reads: • How the Stock Market Performs Before and After Big Drops and Big Rallies (Crossing Wall Street) see also Yellen Confronts Greenspan Oasis Warning as She Weighs Rate Rise (Bloomberg) • What to do during market volatility? Perhaps nothing. (Vanguard) see also Investment Strategies for Volatile Markets (Fidelity) • Ten Smart Things Said About Market Corrections (Ivanhoff Capital) see also The…Read More

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Bounceback !

It is always tough to draw any conclusions from futures, but it looks like we may recover at least some  of yesterday’s sell off. Traders should watch yesterday’s lows if the markets roll over.   UPDATE: Dow futures now +600     click for updated futures 

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