10 Tuesday AM Reads

The correction continues apace, as equities are now down between 5 and 10 percent. But that’s not the only thing going on, as you can tell from our morning reads:

• What Are the Odds We’re Heading For Another Crash? (Wealth of Common Sense) see also The 10 Ways Market Corrections Appear on Twitter (TRB)
• Europe’s Austerity Zombies (Project Syndicate)
• Retailers See Winds Filling Holiday Sales (WSJ) but see Household Finances May Curb Holiday Spending (NYT)
• Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Discernment (CFA Institute)
• Nobel Prize in Economics Q&A: Why Jean Tirole? (Real Time Economics) see also The Nobel Economist Knew About “Too Big to Fail” 10 Years Before the Rest of Us (Slate) see also

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What’s in the Minutes?

What’s in the Minutes? Bob Eisenbeis Cumberland Advisors, October 13, 2014       Bob Eisenbeis is Cumberland’s Vice Chairman & Chief Monetary Economist. Prior to joining Cumberland Advisors he was the Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Bob is presently a member of the U.S. Shadow…Read More

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Restoring Confidence in Reference Rates

Restoring Confidence in Reference Rates October 2, 2014 William C. Dudley, President and CEO, NY Fed Remarks at NYU Stern School of Business, New York City       Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today.1 In my remarks today, I will focus on the development and use of reference rates for…Read More

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10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • What the F*#k Should Investors Do? (Part 1) (Institutional Investor) and part II (here) • Emerging markets adapt to ‘new normal’ as commodities cycle ends (FT) • The Other Bull Market (Fool) • 5 things to do when markets plunge (Post) see also Bears Stalk the ‘Goldilocks’ Stock Market (WSJ)…Read More

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Buybacks: Money well spent?

Great charts from the FT’s weekend article, titled Buybacks: Money well spent?:



Source: FT
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Correction or New Bear Market ?

Here we are, 10-plus months into the year, and we have nothing to show for it. At least, that is the case if we measure our progress by the gains (or losses) of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The index is now unchanged for the year after last week’s losses. The previously one direction market…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Hope you feel rested and refreshed! I have a feeling this week is going to get a bit funky! Start it right with our morning train reads: • How Scared Should Investors Be? (WSJ) see also Bear markets are a learning experience. Really. (USA Today) • The Quantitative Value Philosophy: Buy the Cheapest, Highest Quality Value…Read More

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TDS: Lawsuits of the Rich and Shameless

Former AIG Chairman and CEO Hank Greenberg sues the U.S. government, claiming that the terms of the company’s $184 billion bailout were insufficient and unfair.

TDS 9:58

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller talks with WSJ’s Jason Zweig about market valuations and investors’ expectations. (see full article WSJ)  

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Howard Stern’s Success

How did this happen? They’re fighting to be on Howard Stern’s radio program. Today alone, he featured not only Chelsea Handler and Billy Idol, but Bill Murray, the ungettable get. That’s right. Bill doesn’t even have an agent, he’s elusive, but he wanted to be on Howard’s show. In an era where content providers are…Read More

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