10 Thursday AM Reads

I have become unaccustomed to quiet, uneventful weeks. Lets see if it can keep rolling for two miore days. In the meanwhile, our gluten-free morning train reads:

• A History Of Insane Art Prices (Digg)
• Do People Want to be Fooled? (Irrelevant Investorsee also Underestimating the Power of Compound Interest (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• The Misery Index is worthless (Washington Post)
• Why Big Banks Weren’t Smiling During the GOP Debate  (WSJsee also GOP Debate: Almost Every ‘Fact’ About Wall Street Was False (Wall Street On Parade)
• The Soaring Price of Vintage Ferraris (Priceonomicsbut see How This Classic Car Broker Is Helping Collectors Gauge the Market (Bloomberg)

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Are Millennials Financially Screwed?


Source: Bloomberg


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Short-Term Thinking

From Dealbook: From Wall Street to Washington and in the towers of academia, people are buzzing about what some say is the pernicious focus in corporate America on short-term profits. To understand the debate, it helps to understand the various forces that contribute to the pressures on companies to focus on short-term financial results. Those…Read More

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Five Conclusions to Draw From NFP Report

There are five conclusions to draw from this report: 1) We now know that the NAIRU for the US economy is 5.0% 2) The anecdotal evidence we have been hearing throughout the past couple of earnings seasons about a tight labor market can now also be seen in the macro data 3) The modest slowdown…Read More

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Buybacks Are Overrated

During the past three years, members of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index have spent more than $1.5 trillion buying back stock. This has led to a reduction in their shares outstanding of at least 4 percent in just the past year alone, by some measures. Or has it?    A recent research report published by Research…Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Our early morning train reads, brought to you directly without a middle man taking 10% of our links: • The real reason the Fed is eager to raise interest rates now (Quartz) see also Onto The Next Question (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch) • AUM Growth Is Hedge Funds’ #1 Goal (CIO) see also State Pensions Funding Gap: Challenges Persist (Pew Trusts)…Read More

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Too Bleak?

Source: Dilbert

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Foreign exchange predictability during the financial crisis

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The World Map of Debt

Source: Visual Capitalist

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