The Rise of the ‘Unicorns’

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April Fools: Apple to Buy Spotify

The price? A COOL TEN BILLION! It had to happen. Apple’s stock rises when it has a monopoly. And despite all the iPhone profits, Android has greater worldwide market share. This is not the iPod revolution, wherein a seamless hardware/software combination, of iPod iTunes and FairPlay DRM, ensured that no other player could gain traction….Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

Good morning — round out your weekend with our Sunday morning reads: • Mohamed A. El-Erian: Eight Takeaways From the March Jobs Report (Bloomberg View) • Victims of Financial Wrongdoing Need a More Muscular S.E.C. (NYT) • Are Index-Fund Investors Smarter? (Total Return) see also Would Benjamin Graham Have Hated Index Funds? (Total Return) • Marc Andreessen: The secret weapon of…Read More

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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

The Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation trailer starring Tom Cruise.

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Best Way to Find Airfare Online

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MiB: Bobby Flay

This week, our Masters in Business radio podcast features Bobby Flay, Chef, Restaurateur, cookbook author, and star of of the Food Network. Flay dropped out of high school, and started working in restaurants. His potential was recognized by Joe Allen, who sent him to the French Culinary Institute. He became the head chef of Miracle Grill, bringing Southwestern cuisine to New York…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morning. Pour yourself a hot mug of Brazilian Arabica, and enjoy our longer form weekend reads: • iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch (Wired) • Renegades of Junk: The Rise and Fall of the Drexel Empire (Bloomberg) • Wall Street Executives from the Financial Crisis of 2008: Where Are They Now? (Vanity Fair)…Read More

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Uptown Passover

This Passover, we’re taking our seder “uptown”. Hope your Pesach is as funky fresh as can be! This song and all Six13 songs are completely a cappella — created with nothing but the human voice. Speaking of which, we released our brand new album TODAY! It’s called Six13, Vol. 6: Thirteen. It We’re extremely proud…Read More

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 3.3.15

Succinct Summations week ending April 3rd Positives: 1. Initial jobless claims fell to 268k, the lowest level in 15 years. 2. Euro-area economic sentiment rose to 103.9, the highest level in nearly four years. 3. Pending homes sales increased 3.1%, the highest reading since June 2013 and above the 0.3% expected rise. 4. Personal income…Read More

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