10 Sunday Morning Reads

My Sunday morning reads:

• Notes from the Delivering Alpha 2014 conference. (The Reformed Broker, part 2, part 3)
•  Do You See Yourself as a Sophisticated Investor? (WSJ)
• We’re in the third biggest stock bubble in U.S. history  (MarketWatch) but see Bubble Paranoia Setting In as S&P 500 Surge Stirs Angst (Bloomberg)
• In a Subprime Bubble for Used Cars, Borrowers Pay Sky-High Rates (DealBook)
• Millennial Homeownership: Nothing to worry about (Fortune) see also Yuba jury awards homeowner $16 million in mortgage case (Sacramento Bee)
• Facebook is studying your mom, your makeout buddy, and your 9/11 conspiracy theories (MoJo)
• Comcast’s worst nightmare: How Tennessee could save America’s internet (Salon)
• Jet Attack Puts Putin in Corner; ‘This Isn’t His Plan A’ (Bloomberg)
• The Secret History Behind The Science Of Stress (NPR)
• Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy (New Scientist)

What’s for brunch?


Asia’s Rising Resilience to Oil Prices

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Apollo 11 Retrospective: ‘One We Intend To Win’

Source: Space

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Bank Counterparties and Collateral Usage

Bank Counterparties and Collateral Usage Hamed Faquiryan and Marius Rodriguez The 2007–09 financial crisis drew attention to the nature and consequences of connections among financial firms. New reporting standards set in the wake of the crisis have shed more light on these ties in current financial markets. New data are available on the magnitude of…Read More

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Saturday Night Cinema: Most Effective Edits of All Time

Skilled editing is as effective in the creation of a good film as a writer, director, or performer. Though often overlooked, editing brings shots together to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. These ten movies are a fantastic illustration of just how important editing can be.     THE LIST City…Read More

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John Oliver’s HBO Program is Astoundingly Viral

Fix the teeth, make it shorter and lie about your age. Is John Oliver breaking all the rules or is the truth there are no rules to begin with? What we know is you’ve go to appeal to the younger generation, oldsters don’t switch products, advertisers are not interested, if you’re not shooting for tweens…Read More

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Tweets of the Week 7.18.14

Our weekly Tweet round up:   Markets/Investing   H2w0w Holy smokes #muniland. 100 year water bond for DC $300M at 4.81% Aa2/AA+/AA (9) ht @ClimateBonds #GreenBond http://t.co/LJe9eIDldl — Cate Long (@cate_long) July 15, 2014 New England is Gassy 50%+ of New England’s fuel is generated by natural gas, and it needs more: http://t.co/uUGngn5DW1 @nytimes pic.twitter.com/YrCsoUPCGj — ProPublica (@ProPublica)…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Pour a tall cup of joe, settle in to your favorite easy chair, and enjoy our longer-form reads to begin your Saturday: • How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq (Businessweek) • Visualizing Algorithms (Mike Bostock) • The voodoo of lobster economics: Cheap at sea, pricey on the plate (Globe and Mail) • The secretive billionaire who…Read More

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Kiron Sarkar’s Weekly Report 19.7.14

China’s GDP rose by a better than expected +7.5% in Q2 Y/Y and was welcomed by markets. The improvement reflects the stimulus programme undertaken by the government and the sharp rise in lending, once again, as a result of government policy. The government’s actions suggests that they will continue with their stimulus programme/increased lending if…Read More

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Should the Fed Do Emergency Lending?

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Jon Stewart

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