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Over the years, I have discussed how little I care for predictions (see “The Folly of Forecasts“). We have chatted about how poor Wall Street is at making forecasts, wondered why they keep at it and revealed the secret to making better predictions.

But the bottom line is that you humans are terrible at forecasting the future. You are bad at predicting the economy and terrible at forecasting markets. The data shows you can’t even predict your own behavior.

Which leads me to today’s delightful quote, from Jason Shapiro of Perbak Futures Management. Shapiro observes just how wrong our forecasts about the future can get:

“Looking at the markets here I was laughing this week thinking about what the reaction to anyone back in 2009 who said that in five years the following would be true:

Equities basically on all-time highs, interest rates incredibly low, commodities at multiyear lows, and the U.S. dollar as strong as could be.

These predictions would have gotten you thrown out of the room.”

Truer words were never spoken. I recall referring to this chart from Morgan Stanley Europe at an event I was speaking at in the summer of 2009. I noted that following a 50 percent drop in the stock market, the median bear-market-rebound rally was a 70 percent bounce. The room exploded in laughter, as everyone knew that was never going to happen. Everyone knew the bounce off of the lows was a thing of the past. The forecasts were for Dow 5,000 (See Kostin, Gross and Nenner), Dow 3,000, (Denninger and Dent) and even Dow 1,000 (Prechter).

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