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We find little evidence that changes in labor costs have had a material effect on price inflation in recent years, even for compensation measures where some degree of passthrough to prices still appears to be present. Our results cast doubt on explanations of recent inflation behavior that appeal to such mechanisms as downward nominal wage…Read More

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A Tale of 2000 Cities

Looks like today is all real estate all the time: Source: Demand Institute

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Housing Market Takes Wandering Path to Recovery

For reasons I have yet to fully appreciate, there is a lot of confusion about the state of residential real estate in the U.S. Simply by looking at some of the data we can clear up a lot of the muddle. The short explanation is that housing, along with the rest of the economy, has…Read More

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Housing Bubble Watch

Fascinating data set and discussion via Trulia   Source: Trulia

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Our locally grown, 40 day dry aged morning train reads: • Does It Really Matter Exactly When the Fed Raises Rates? (NYT) see also June FOMC Recap (Tim Duy) • Apple Watch: My most personal review ever (Loop) • Rich people are jerks, explained (Vox) • GOP bill would repeal federal ethanol mandate (TheHill) • Unicorns (Stratechery) Continues here    

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Twitter Ideology Scores of Potential Presidential Candidates

Source: Washington Post

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US Economic Performance by State

Fixr observes that wealth varies widely across each of the 50 states. Just how widely is shown in the map below. States colored in dark green have highest GSP per capita; the lowest are in yellow. The size of each State is proportional to Real Gross Domestic Product for 2014. Real GDP is the US grew by 2.2% in…Read More

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Analysts Are Now Honestly Wrong. That’s a Huge Improvement…

Sometimes the gains from a new regulatory regime are obvious. The creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is a perfect example. Your bank deposits are guaranteed by the government up to some stated amount, no matter the recklessness or irresponsibility of the bankers running the place. It wasn’t always this way. Before the FDIC,…Read More

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