Little Red Wagon

I find this song to be infectiously charming:


Miranda Lambert – Little Red Wagon (57th GRAMMYs)

Album version

Little Red Wagon” is available on Miranda Lambert’s album, Platinum. Download or listen: iTunes: AmazonMP3: Spotify:

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Event for 2.13.15

Succinct Summations week ending February 13th Positives: 1. The S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 hit new all-time highs. 2. Eurozone GDP rose 0.3% versus expectations of a 0.2% gain. 3. Import prices declined 8% y/o/y. 4. Interest rates have crept up a bit, the ten year is back over 2%, and stocks haven’t crashed,…Read More

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As one of those folks who has spent a lot of time bashing economic and stock-market forecasters (see this, this, and this), I have no choice but to take issue with an argument made by former hedge-fund manager Jesse Felder, who asserts “that everything is a forecast.” To quote Felder: Can we please stop bashing forecasters already? There is a…Read More

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Selling A NYC Apartment

This is a pretty awesome graphic:


click for complete graphic

selling apt

Full graphic after the jump 



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10 Friday AM Reads

Triskaidekaphobians, relax! There is no reason to fear Friday the 13th, not when you have the best morning train reads in the land: • Why the Bond Bull Market Isn’t Over (Barron’s) • Cry me a river that leads to Omaha (Michael Santoli) see also Protégé Partners: These factors ‘wreaked havoc’ in our bet against Buffett (Adam’s Angle) • Investors…Read More

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1963 Mercedes-Benz SL 190

Source: Classic Driver

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The Recent Rise and Fall of Rapid Productivity Growth

The Recent Rise and Fall of Rapid Productivity Growth John Fernald and Bing Wang Information technology fueled a surge in U.S. productivity growth in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, this rapid pace proved to be temporary, as productivity growth slowed before the Great Recession. Furthermore, looking through the effects of the economic downturn…Read More

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9 Out Of 10 Big Pharma Companies Spent More On Marketing Than On R&D

Source: Dadaviz See Also: John Oliver attacked Big Pharma last night. Here’s one important thing he left out. (WonkBlog)

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Houses Keep Getting Bigger

I am having lunch today with Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, and that means the latest (and some of the craziest) NYC real estate updates. In honor of this meal, have a look at the long term trend in home sizes in the US:   Source: Treehugger

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The Amazing Disconnect Between Hedge Fund Performance & AUM

Earlier this week, Greg Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal pointed out one of the great mysteries of today’s investment landscape: Despite underperforming by a substantial margin, hedge funds keep attracting more investors and assets under management. It is almost as if (to borrow the headline on Zuckerman’s article), “Hedge Funds Keep Winning Despite Losing.”…Read More

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