Tonite I will be on Fast Money on CNBC at 5:10pm discussing the AIG & Citi bailouts, why AIG isn’t really repaying the government back anything.

I also will see if we can squeeze in our advice to Goldman Sachs on their new ad campaign.

I’ll post the video when it goes live.

Should be fun!


UPDATE: Video here

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5 Responses to “Media Appearance: CNBC’s Fast Money (9/30/10)”

  1. TakBak04 says:

    Saw it..and thought you did a good job about AIG selling off it’s businesses….and so how can they EVER pay us back…what they say they will. Liked your “push back” about what “could have been done” when Adami questioned you about how difficult it would be to separate the “bad stuf” that AIG was doing from their basic Insurance function which was profitable. Guy said it would have been too hard to do (paraphrase) and you said (it should have at least been attempted) paraphrasing you.

    So…I think “Separating AIG’s “What from Chaff” would have been what should have been done…Adami says…too hard…and you come back and say there SHOULD AT LEAST HAVE BEEN AN ATTEMPT and IT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE with some WORK!

    Did I comprehend that dialog correctly?

    It was good to my “ear with what I thought I heard.” Kudo’s!

  2. TakBak04 says:

    sorry…typo…separating “Wheat from Chaff” with AIG would have been what should have been done.

  3. bulfinch says:


    It’s always refreshing to see someone like Barry talking the straight dope on these mainstream cable shows, but it’s also totally gross at the same time — like watching a talented jazz drummer deigning to do bash it out in a burlesque club. The theme music was kicking in before Barry even finished his thought. WTF? It says, okayokayokay, wegetitwegetitwegetit.

  4. Expat says:

    Is there some sort of special decontamination treatment for the mind and soul after going on CNBC?

    But more seriously, do you have any sort of internal debate, moral quandary, or professional reservations about going on a show like Fast Money? Do you think your job of telling it like it is justifies the validation of the morons, pimps, airheads, and bubble-boys at CNBC? Would you guest-host Mad Money, for example?

    I’m not being snarky nor superior (20 years of commodity trading has shredded any moral superiority I ever had).

  5. Ken B says:

    If it’s possible, can we get a one day notice of when you’re on Fast Money? Need time to set DVR to record. I used to record Fast Money regularly in the bubble daze, but not anymore.