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2 Responses to “Buying On The Internet: Cyber Monday”

  1. Grego says:

    53% of Africans have shopped online. That’s what it says. Tapdance and argue that’s somehow adjusted by the “74% of the population” qualification, in some way that is utterly unclear to me. Allrighty, that gives 39.22%.

    Other sources claim that as of 31 March 2011, 11.5% of the African population has internet access.
    This took about 30 seconds to search “africa population internet access” and find.
    Another 3 to 5 minutes to verify that the 11.5% statistic was probably in the ballpark:

  2. passing thought says:

    Good one Grego – What caught my eye was the 85% of people in Russia, China, Mongolia, Azerbijan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, etc… have bought something online?!?!? Really? I mean, even is you assume that every one of the 400m people in Western Europe have done so, that only give you a 60m person “credit” toward the 2 billion Inidans & Chinese?

    And why are the UK, Ireland, and Japan, as three notables, not even included in the numbers?