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6 Responses to “Flowchart: Should You Send That Email?”

  1. Alex Geeks says:

    Funny infographics! I am sending private emails only when I have something really urgent to say.

  2. Bill in SF says:

    “Is it about cats?”
    This is a counterpoint the the earlier post “Texts from my dog”.

    Henri the Cat

  3. howardoark says:

    I used to have an autorule that delayed sending my emails for 15 minutes so I could change my mind about sending them – it was very useful because it reminded me of all the emails I had read doing litigation support that made me think, “wow, he’s going to regret putting that in writing” (think muppets only much much worse). Every email i send i imagine reading on the front page of the newspaper (I’ll have to change that to the homepage of the Huffington Post). It clarifies your thinking.

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  5. Kim Kallonen says:

    Three attributes that I believe all (!) must be matched before the Okey Dokey:
    – Is it close in time (10 months to go until Christmas … you are too early?)
    – Is relevant (all may not be interested in Christmas … )
    – Is the content sufficiently understandable – or will the outcome be more control questions as “a letter in the e-mail” (What about Christmas … gift?))

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