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INFOGRAPHIC: The Incredible Shrinking Yahoo

Category: Digital Media, Web/Tech

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9 Responses to “Yahoo’s Shrinkage”

  1. Bob A says:

    so many squandered opportunities. so many half-baked mediocre attempts to compete with more competent offerings. but to some degree also the inevitability that people gravitate towards newer things.

  2. josap says:

    So the question is when will Yahoo be bought out and by whom.
    Or do they just go in the dust bin of dotcoms?

    Smarter to sell. Would Yahoo stock pop or drop?

  3. that ‘Web Traffic’ # (-35%) has to be a ‘bad omen’..

  4. Tim says:

    Any bets that Facebook will likely face a similiar trajectory? And is this the beginning of another dotcom implosion?

  5. Iamthe50percent says:

    Yahoo Toolbar slowed computers to a crawl and was a virus magnet. AT&T had a good e-mail system until they sub-contracted it out to Yahoo. Ditto for “MyGMCar”. AltaVista was a very good search engine until Yahoo bought them, now it’s only OK.

    My only regret at Yahoo’s demise is that Google will have an effective monopoly on web search with only Microsoft’s Bing as a distant competitor.

  6. GoBigRed says:

    That’s a shame, Yahoo is still my favorite search engine.

  7. jonas says:

    It’s austerity practiced in a corporate context. The sad thing is that Yahoo isn’t even in debt (or unprofitable) — they just don’t have any credibility for promoting their own growth to the financial powers that be. So instead of investing in new products/technology, they shrink. That lack of credibility puts them on a death spiral, similar to economies in depression.

    They’re crying out to be bought out by a private equity outfit, except they make too much money that no one can afford them, and their space too innovation-driven (and thus uncertain) for private equity people to take the risk.

    If any example is persuading the Google or Facebook founders to maintain disproportionate voting control of their companies, it’s Yahoo.

  8. Greg0658 says:

    the last 2 comments especially – got me to paused & thinking .. I’ve got a handle with them for the chatroom thing they keep online (been a longtime since used) – but otherwise no dealings .. back on the thread:
    take AOL u shareholder types – as a paying customer for years they collected subscriptions up the yingyang to the point / someone says lets buy Time Warner .. WTF this customer said – and then along came broadband – so ‘click’ – a choice just business
    … so sharehold types just ‘click’ let the corporation go private and then cash out themselves into retirement – the WSsystem will send you your $s – hope your happy with the company you helped build and the workcations you funded
    … build a better mousetrap with your $s when the check arrives
    … before closing this post – why do we honor/support such a system – I guess because there are so few ways of really earning a living in this highly developed livestock world without this climb aboard and attach sys
    (ps – update – I’ve been watching Cspan MFGlobal hearings and then JanetDHS)

    not sure I’ve made the point yet – that being why do we have to be such an invasive species in persuit of $s – I think its baked into the sys … there fini

  9. tdmbulk says:

    >>GoBigRed Says:
    >>That’s a shame, Yahoo is still my favorite search engine.

    No worries; you’ve been using Bing for the past 2-1/2 years; you can continue to do so if/when Yahoo finishes circling the drain. I don’t know how to put links here, but you can check out the Bing entry at Wikipedia to confirm.