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6 Responses to “The Internet a Decade Later”

  1. NoKidding says:

    Not sure how buying Netflix would have helped Blockbuster. If they had I believe it would now be judged a mistake. That 5.5B revenue is just plain gone.

  2. Iamthe50percent says:

    900 Million facebook users? That would be absolutely everyone in the USA, Europe, and developed China. I don’t think so. About 600 Million sock puppets? That I could believe. How about 2.27 Billion internet users? That would have to include goat herders in Mongolia and denizens of the Brazilian rain forests. More likely it includes every gas pump in America and other embedded devices.

    Borders did have an on-line bookstore as did Barnes & Noble. But I switched to Amazon when I found both of the brick and mortar’s sites to be unreliable i.e they would take an order, charge your card, then cancel a month later for unavailability. Amazon did the same for a VCR. I should have paid $20 more locally. Now I only order books at Amazon.

  3. ashpelham2 says:

    THe only reason I own Facebook as an investment is because I believe it is the front runner to the future of what the internet experience will be. As such, I believe I will be compensated for holding that investment, much in the way Apple, Google, and Amazon have had their ups and downs over time, but have compensated their longtime investors very well.

    If something more revolutionary takes hold and begins to eat FB’s lunch, then I’ll dump the investment. Until then, I can ride out the drop in value while the company crafts it’s revenue strategy for the future.

  4. jtuck004 says:

    “… Bat-Erdene, 47, is a lifelong herder who lives in a ger, or a yurt, in the middle of the Gobi. He spends each spring combing cashmere from his goats.

    Bat-Erdene’s son Uuganbaatar began working at the coal mine about a year ago. He’s 22 and, like many young Mongolians, painfully shy.

    The camp TV is a big, flat-screen. Uuganbaatar follows sports on the Internet … especially the NBA. His favorite team is the Orlando Magic with its towering center, Dwight Howard.

    So Mongolian goat herders AND the water meter and car and …

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  6. MikeDonnelly says:

    CNN web page much better
    Yahoo web page not much better
    Apple web page, very little changed. Jesus, Jobs was ahead of his time