Cool graphic from Jess Bachman of Wall Stats & Mint:


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13 Responses to “Visual Guide To The Federal Reserve”

  1. opensourcecurrency says:

    Yeah, they’ll probably starve on 6% when everyone else is getting .25%. Do these guys understand compounded interest?

  2. Greg0658 says:

    ok I’d add my sticht … what I don’t get is the cash bonds vs. corp stocks – supernova pools

    seems that when corporate stocks were invented – those central command bankers lost control
    now the central bankers seem to be propping up the stock market
    seems not in their interest -ie another game in town

    and add to that the disfunction of police’g corp stocks with laws (paid for by the people) that can never be written fast enough

    aren’t corp stocks against the intentions of the above graphics master design ?
    circumventing bankers with manufacturers CEOs

  3. algernon32 says:

    My central bank can beat up your central bank.

  4. gkm says:

    Ah, so where in the graphic does it show that the member banks securitize a bunch of mortgages, crash the system, buy those securities back with money borrowed at essentially no interest, and then have the lackey central bank they control buy those securities back at full pop with money printed at four cents? Pretty sure I missed that part.

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  6. uzer says:

    just don’t call the fed the tip of the ponzi scam.

  7. jdacruz says:

    @opensourcecurrency -

    If you’re earning a 6% dividend, nothing is compounding. So yes, they do understand how compounding works. You don’t.

  8. ToNYC says:

    That’s perfect information; nothing more to know or doubt now. Even a child can follow the simplicity and clarity of images. And to think! Now I can confidently go back to my curated tablet for more stories before bedtime.

  9. rd says:

    Its not an accurate graphic.

    It doesn’t show the helicopters dropping bundles of cash on the TBTF banks.

  10. Roanman says:

    This infomercial for the Fed doesn’t address the real issues.

    First and foremost, it’s an entity of insiders, designed for the benefit of the banks. Board members tend also to be board members or officers (past/present) of the banks. Because this is the case, front running the Fed is an historic source of profits for the banks asthe Fed’s trading partners are few in number. The banks get both the information and Federal debt instruments first, both of which they package and sell off at a profit and subsequently also obtain inflating dollars first directly as a result of the process..

    Second, there is no need for the Fed to control the money supply as the Constitution charges Congress with that responsibility. Congress could very easily print the money it “needs” to manage the affairs of the government without entering into a debt transaction which would remove the need to make interest payments from the federal governments budget.

    The argument against this approach is that Congress, profligate by nature will destroy the currency through inflation if left to print money as it requires, and it is the discipline of debt and the “independence” of the Fed that helps keep inflation at bay.

    Any quick look at a hundred year chart of the US Dollar pretty much debunks that whole line of thinking.

    I like ok, but my opinion here is that somebody and not necessarily wrote em a real nice check to skip the point.

  11. ToNYC says:

    Two things this kindergarten classic on the Bank Club Fed fails to recognize are the Zero rather than “Modest” interest rates destroys the individual saver’s choices and the quality of their freedom as US citizens. If there is a bank that uses money to rent for its income, any interest is not an exclusive right of the banking club; functionally it is usury by reduction.
    The other missing element that skews this picture beyond College level is the mission creep in 1977 of Humphrey-Hawkins dual mandate for full employment issues. If you don’t get the money right; the full employment mandate is meaningless.

  12. peterpalms says:

    Why the fed must be abolished.
    The Fed should be abolished . It a private cartel of bankers
    permitted by congress in 1913 to create
    money out of nothing. It is thee cause of all our economic difficulties
    • It is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.
    • It is a cartel operating against the public interest.
    • It is the supreme instrument of usury.
    • It generates our most unfair tax.
    • It encourages war.
    • It destabilizes the economy.
    • It is an instrument of totalitarianism.
    It is is not abolished the fourth collapse of the three
    previous Central banks of the United is imminent and unavoidable.