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Logos Evolve 4 Should A Logo Be Timeless?

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5 Responses to “How Corporate Logos Evolve”

  1. a2ricedgti says:

    I bet/hope a lot of marketing people got fired from Canon in ’34 and ’35.

    (granted I’m not sure when marketing became enough of a thing to have people hired specifically to do it)

  2. Jack says:

    Leave the word “how” out of the header. Logos evolve as corporations and customers (remember them?) change. The transition strategy is crucial to the success of the firm’s management ‘s compensation. You know: Mickey Rooney says “let’s put on a show”! New boss comes in and says in deep baritone: “change the logo” because he’s got a blivot of a company and has no clue how to turn it around.

    I see no information about “how” the logos “evolved”. In my old mind the transition from ESSO to EXXON was stupid. Now, was that a logo change or a name change? I don’t know but I have never bought EXXON gasoline.

    The Bell System to AT&T change was horrible. I think Minolta actually sued. And for crissakes how about Ford?

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