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How Google Makes Its Money
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6 Responses to “Google’s Revenue = 97% Online Ads”

  1. Expat says:

    I love google and am glad there are plenty of people out there paying outrageous amounts of money to advertise on it. This allows me to enjoy all the free and wonderful apps Google makes.

    But, I am still appalled that so much money is spent on advertising so much crap. It’s all part of the decadence and downfall of our modern society.

    Frankenstein’s Monster was right.

    • BottomMiddleClass says:

      For a bizzare take on the downfall of advertising, check out the movie “Branded”. I believe it’s on netflix.

      Now I have to puzzle through the moral implications of advertisting a movie about anti-advertising.

  2. parisblues says:

    This gives reason for hope that with the right online ad strategy, our important newspapers can return to profitability.

  3. The Synergizer says:

    Google = Skynet
    Skynet + NSA = Tyranny over Society
    Tyranny over Society = Terminators
    Terminators + (Me + You) = Terminators – (Me + You)
    - (Me + You) = Future
    Future = Grim

    Only-Positive-Thinkers = Good luck