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4 Responses to “Mutual Fund Trends”

  1. Internet Tourettes says:

    Alternative title for the first chart: :”America has the Least Amount of People Covered Under Defined Pension Plans”

  2. rd says:

    With major low-cost fund outfits like Vanguard in the US, the US probably has the cheapest mutual funds in the world although many people elect not to avail themselves of that opportunity.

  3. and peep, still?, wonder?? (wow, did they ever?) “Where?” the ’1%’ comes from?

    back in the day (yesterday?), peep used to get Paid for their Vote (Where have you gone ‘Boss’ Tweed?)

    these Daze, peep Pay (MGMT Fees) to have their Votes (Proxies) stripped from them (to be Voted by the MutFund MGR)..

    that’s “Progress”!, even a ‘Progressive’ could love..
    and, some from ‘further afield’..

  4. Matt Stone says:

    More infographic goodies here in Part 2 (mutual fund data by the ICI again):