Well now, let’s have a look around here. Hmmm, nicely typeset. Headline, URL, date are in the usual places; sidebar for other articles off to the right. Hey, this doesn’t look very different than it did at my blog, the Big Picture.

What’s different?

Oh, you out there. I see, you are a somewhat different audience than what I have been used to previously. You appear to be more of a professional investor, oriented toward shorter, pithier readings, but still intolerant of nonsense.

Good, we will get along just fine.

In case you have no idea who the hell I am, my name is Barry Ritholtz, and I will be your air hostess for today’s flight of investing fancy. No need to turn off your electronics, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

My goal here at Bloomberg View is to entertain, elucidate and, mostly, to disabuse you of the nonsense that occasionally passes for market commentary. If I do my job well enough, you should find this process both valuable and intriguing. With some luck, you could even become a bit better at whatever it is that you do for a living.

What you should expect from me: Early mornings, I try to provide some insight into a topic du jour related to our favorite subjects: Investing, markets and the economy. I like to work at the cross-section between quantitative analysis and human behavioral analysis. Lots of uncharted territory here, along with plenty of surprises.

Around the time the market opens, I pony up a short list of reads. Specifically, these are not 10 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU MUST READ RIGHT NOW, mostly because I don’t care for all that yelling, and second, by the time you got to the office, you have already read the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Instead, I prefer to hand-select a Beaujolais Nouveau, a recent harvest of some of the more interesting and important things you may have overlooked. By the time you finish the reads, something intriguing will have caught your eye, often from a source you were wholly unaware of.

During lunch, I like to dazzle you with a stand-out chart. Oftentimes, it is pushback against the so-called conventional wisdom. Occasionally, it is some inanity that insists on being demolished, which I happily oblige. Rarely, it is merely something wacky that demanded to be shared. Regardless, it is a visual depiction of something you might find of interest.

As to our earlier question (Who is this guy?) — In many ways, I am likely similar to you in some ways: I grew up in the suburbs, went to college, then grad school in New York. I fell in love with the city, and then with finance (in that order). Began as a trader, moved into research, and a few decades later, here we are.

My general approach is a product of my somewhat skeptical nature. I like to see assertions proven empirically. I am a “Show me the data” kind of guy. I never want to be contrarian for its own sake, but rather, to see what can take a punch. Much of that which passes for common knowledge on Wall Street is too often myth that fails to stand up to close scrutiny.

My goal is to provide some of that close scrutiny.

I hope you find it a worthwhile experience.

Category: Apprenticed Investor

Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

18 Responses to “Welcome to My First Bloomberg View Column”

  1. scecman says:

    Question for BR – will your posts on Bloomberg be “simulcast” on TBP? or do I have to read both?

  2. eideard says:

    And we’re off and running…

  3. woolybear1 says:

    conngratulations Barry

  4. willid3 says:


  5. Congrats on the Bloomberg gig, but am somewhat amazed you find time for all of this on top of everything else you do.

  6. swag says:


    Say Hi to Dave Shipley. I met him once in Portland, OR.

    Ask him to tell you the story of this column


    which sparked Dick Cheney & Co. to reveal the classified identity of a covert CIA operative.

  7. bear_in_mind says:

    Looking good! Really nice photo, too. Looking rested and relaxed. I suspect this year’s Shopmas list is going to include some spa goodies, no?!

    One portrait tip for future applications… the photographer’s lens should be at eye-level or higher to the subject for the most flattering result.

  8. DeDude says:

    However, to comment at the Bloomberg site it appears that users have to be registered with Bloomberg or “the usual suspects”. Would be nice if the registration here would be accepted to make comment on Bloomberg.

  9. piinob says:

    Congratulations Barry, I really enjoy your work, and I am a Bloomberg fan so I win both ways. Good luck and thanks for your efforts.

  10. FrViper says:

    LIke the intro. Good luck and knock um “dead”.

  11. Anonymous37 says:

    You appear to be more of a professional investor, oriented toward shorter, pithier readings, but still intolerant of nonsense.

    Well, Mr. Ritholtz, appearances are deceiving. I prefer longer, meandering essays which positively revel in arrant nonsense. My money is not “invested”, but is instead stupidly gambled on lottery tickets and speculative penny stocks. And until now, no one has ever accused me of being professional in any aspect of my life.

    So if you could recommend any other columns, I would greatly appreciate it. Oh, and congratulations.

  12. Aaron says:

    Nice column, Barry! Bloomberg is lucky to have you. I’m glad you’re still keeping TBP alive and kicking too! As other posters have said, congratulations again on your new gig with Bloomie. I wish you continued success in your future endeavors.