Be sure to see the terrific commentary over the past 24 hours in the Think Tank from David Rosenberg, Jack McHugh, and Bill King.

And if you are not reading Peter Boockvar’s MacroNotes, you are missing out on outstanding real time analysis of economic releases . .  .


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2 Responses to “Think Tank / MacroNotes”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    So how long before “Caleefornya” threatens to secede? The state’s budget is a disaster and though some blame belongs at the state level, the Feds and their lax control over the mortgage securitization machine Wall St. conjured up seems more culpable. Thereby I would think it logical for CA to expect Washington to plug it’s budget gap. Yet the Fed’s are balking. Maybe the governator needs to hire Hank Paulsen to be his lead lobbyist, given his track record for securing mass amounts of funds no questions asked (well except for that senator Shelby kook in Alabama…)

  2. GB says:

    My green nose is turning brown here. ;-)

    Thanks for the all this info Barry. I know the website must be a lot of hard work. I hope you have a good team of interns working on this.

    Seriously though love the info and the site and the real info flowing from here. Have a great 4th.